Shindenan - Autumn Public Viewing

A traditional tea room and garden oasis in the middle of the city

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A garden with a history going as far back as the Edo Period, Shindenan is a beautiful traditional Japanese garden with an attached tea room that is only open to the public for a short window twice a year.
Each spring and autumn, the garden colors with the vibrant hues of the season and opens for public viewing. Take a stroll under the vibrant crimson leaves and and enjoy the natural tranquility of this classic garden.

While you are enjoying the view at Shindenan, you can sit inside the villa or out in the garden with a cup of freshly made matcha green tea and a traditional Japanese sweet.


Address 長崎県長崎市片淵2丁目18番18号
TEL 095-822-8888(長崎市コールセンター)


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