Historic Ryotei Kagetsu (シセキリョウテイ カゲツ)

Historic ryotei restaurant that has been a favorite of writers and artists since the end of the Edo period as a social gathering place for cosmopolitans.

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Kagetsu was originally built in 1642 as a teahouse in the garden of Hiketaya, a long established shop in the red light district in Maruyama, Nagasaki.

Although Hikitaya went out of business at the end of the Taisho era (1912-1926), the name Kagetsu and the garden and buildings of Hikitaya have been handed down to the present, and in 1960 it was designated as a Nagasaki Prefecture Historic Site, making it a nationally rare historic ryotei.

Maruyama was a social gathering place for cosmopolitans active during the turbulent period from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era, and was visited by many writers and artists such as Rai Sanyo, whose works have been featured in poetry, literature, and prints.
The "Ryu no Ma" (Dragon Room), which still bears the marks of Ryoma Sakamoto's sword wound on a floor post; the "Harusame no Ma", the first Western-style room in Japan with a tiled floor, Japanese-style coffered ceiling, and Chinese-style windows; and the "Tsuki no Ma", which overlooks the Japanese garden loved by Kaishuu Katsu, are all still in their original state.

The Shukokan, a museum, is also attached to the building, where visitors can view up-close a number of valuable documents. These include a book of poems and photographs handwritten by Aihachi, a Japanese entertainer who became famous by singing "Nagasaki Burabura bushi" written by Rei Nakanishi. They also include calligraphy handwritten by Ryoma Sakamoto.

Please enjoy Nagasaki's traditional cuisine, "Shippoku-ryori" while viewing the beautiful garden created in the Genroku era, in the space where our ancestors spent their time.


Address 850-0902 長崎県長崎市丸山町2-1
TEL 095-822-0191
FAX 095-825-5221
Hours of Operation 12:00-15:00 (L.O.13:00)
18:00-22:00 (L.O.19:00)
Reservations required by the day before
Closed Open irregularly (mainly on Tuesdays)
Parking No parking
Access 13 minutes by tram from Nagasaki Stn. to Sofukuji, approx. 4 minutes walk from Shikanbashi stop.
From Nagasaki Bus stop "Shikanbashi" or "Sofukuji Iriguchi", 5 minutes walk.
Website Historic Ryotei Kagetsu Official Website
Note Reservations are required (reservations must be made by phone at least one day in advance).


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