KINOSHITA Masaaki (きのしたまさあき)

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Hello! My name is Masaaki(Mack) Kinoshita.
I am a 100% Nagasakist and I will be very glad to be your guide in my home town Nagasaki, where I lived for 70 years. I love to talk with people from all over the world. I myself traveled a lot since school days. The more I traveled and talked with local people, the more I felt that the people are the same all over the world, no matter where we may live. I will be more than happy if you would feel the same after visiting Nagasaki!
Nagasaki is an international port town uniquely surrounded by a beautiful nature, mountains and a sea, geographically located at the far west end of Japanese Archipelago and closest to Europe through China.
During my tour, you will enjoy the spectacular scenery of the city and the view of the port with ships from 333 meters high observatory. I will also take you to the various heritage sites which make Nagasaki unparalleled. The tour can be customized according to your expectations. So, let’s plan and discover the history, culture and beauty of Nagasaki together.


Qualifications National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)   Cert. No. EN00069
Specialties Traditional art, Scenic spots and places of historic interest, Science and technology, Atomic bomb and peaceful town, Christian heritage, Local street walking and Local cuisines.
Guide Experience Nagasaki city tour guide for international guests from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Bhutan, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Congo
Excursion to Arita Porcelain town
Fees Generally,
Half day 10,000 JPY
Full day 18,000 JPY
Area Nagasaki city and suburbs, Nagasaki and Saga prefectures, Kyushu area
Available Day 7 days a week
Overnight Can be negotiated
E-mail mackkino2014★
* Please replace the "★" symbol in the email address with the "@" symbol.
TEL 090-7166-2733
Testimonials Kiarah ( Australia ) ★★★★★
Great Tour!
Masaaki showed my friend and I around Nagasaki, leading us to some of the most important historical sights within the city. We visited the Sofukuji and the Kofukuji Temple and learnt about the history of Nagasaki’s interaction with China. We also explored the shopping mall and gazed upon the spectacle bridge. Masaaki was a brilliant tour guide, with excellent English and deep knowledge about the city of Nagasaki from its origins to modern day. He went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to see all of the sites we wanted to. Thank you Masaaki!

Annette ( Friends )Philippines
“ Nagasaki up close and personal ”
We only had four hours in Nagasaki but our guide, Mr Masaaki Kinoshita managed to show us the most important sights and expertly explained to us the importance of each. From the start of the booking to the end of our tour, Mr Masaaki was on top of the situation and answered all our queries to our satisfaction. Thank you so much for your perfect guiding, Mr Masaaki, you are the best! We enjoyed our day in Nagasaki.

“ Excellent cruise excursion with Masaaki-san ”
Glad to have found triple lights and have Masaaki san as a guide. He was very knowledgeable and flexible. He welcomed us at the port the we proceeded to Mount Inasa to get an overview of Nagasaki. From there he customized our tour to accommodate places on our list. His english is very good and therefore no issues with communication. Highly recommended! Thank you, Masaaki-san for making our short visit very productive and memorable!

Susan ( Family )Australia
“ A day in Nagasaki ”
The day began with a view over Nagasaki putting the whole city in perspective showing us where all the attractions were and their relationship to each other and to the landscape. It also should us clearly how the city was discovered and how it developed. We were taken to all the tourist locations and enjoyed lunch by the port. It was a great walk and day of discovery and certainly came away knowing a lot about Nagasaki and its history.


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