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Specialties History, Religion, Education, Business, Sports. Cuisine, Gardening, A-bomb
Guide Experience ・Interpreter for the First Dutch Mission
・Guided the Russian Goodwill Mission
・Escorted Tour for International president of the Lions Club at Nagasaki
・Unzen, Shimabara hot spring tours
・Imari- Arita Porcelain Tours
・Cristal Cruises Tours, Gulliver’s and many other tours in Nagasaki
・NBC TV SHOW長崎放送 SKINS MATCH GOLF(Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino and Isao Aoki)放送録画通訳、メディア Press Interview同時通訳
・Medical Translator at Nagasaki Univ. Hospital & Municipal Hospital and clinics
・Translated the first English brochure for tourists
・Co-wrote and compiled the first and second editions of「Your guide to NAGASAKI」
・Guided tour for ASEAN Youths in Nagasaki
Fees ¥18,000/4hours、¥30,000/5~8hours
Area Nagasaki, Unzen, Shimabara, Arita-Imari
Available Day Any day when the guide is not previously engaged
Overnight Not possible
E-mail ttmt★mxa.cncm.ne.jp
* Please replace the "★" symbol in the email address with the "@" symbol.
TEL 095-821-0007(Office Phone)
Testimonials Dear Mr. Tasaki Toru,

I write to you today just to let you know that your story hasn't only been spread among us in our room on that day. This year, I had a museum workshop and we discussed how museums can drive changes in our society. I shared your story and what I've experienced in Nagasaki Museum with our museum professionals and it was so impactful. Thank you very much for being so inspirational. I wish you a healthy and happy life and really hope I will have a chance to visit Nagasaki and meet you again in the future.

Dear Tasaki Ojisan,
Hope you have a restful holiday upon the emerging new era “令和”.
“What a friend we have in Jesus” -
This is the name of the hymn we hummed together at the Amakusa Cathedral. I vividly remember how comforting and tranquil it was at that very moment. Our spirits crossed path. May Jesus Christ be your best friend who guides you, walks with you, and gives you His abundance grace every moment of your life.
During the week, you led us to walk through the history where we saw great sorrows and perseverance of brothers and sisters who lived in the dark hours of Christianity. We shall pray hard that the love of God flourishes and continues to bestow the old and the young of this very special country.
Your testimony of World War II was striking and pounding on our hearts. It was an unexpectedly surprise that we could visit the very spot where you eye witnessed the scene of the atomic bombing. To us, this was an encounter beyond compare.
We could not find words to express our thanks and gratitude to your professionalism, kindness and patience in the past 7-day trip. All these will stay in our hearts for years to come. Your passion to work, vast knowledge about Nagasaki and your ways to embrace life have shown us what to be meant by staying young. Your sincerity and caring for us during the trip made us feel like at home.
Hope you would continue to practice the “arm circulating exercise” that you learned in the trip and have milk in every meal, stay young and healthy!
Wishing you and your family the best of all, great health and happiness, and a new spirit at the turning of a new era.
Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Tasaki.
I was especially moved by your presentation of Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum. Although a blead time in our history, the stories are well told and a necessary lesson for future generations. It was very emotional for me and I felt drained afterward but I was glad that I had the opportunity to visit this sacred site. Your excellent guiding and the heartfelt words you expressed during our discussion about this horrific event greatly enhanced my overall experience.
Mr. Tasaki, you are exactly the type of guide for our guests You are a gentleman and a true professional for our guests.
J. S
Los Angeles, California

Dear Mr. Tasaki,
As we’re in our way to Shanghai after being visiting your birth town Kumamoto, we want to express our immense gratitude for your dedication during our wonderful and unforgettable visit to Nagasaki.
We can say, without any doubt, you have been the best guide from the ones who accompanied us in all our trips. Your experience, your knowledge and your special way to explain every detail made us feel and live the history in a different way.
We are very grateful for having met you and it has been an honor to have enjoyed these moments in your company. Anna and Al, our children, call you “grandpa” henceforth. You won two grandchildren in one day!!! You have touched our life in a way you can’t imagine.
We hope we’re able to visit your beautiful country and meet with you again.
We wish you and your family all the best for the 2018: health and well-being may accompany you for many, many more years.
Once again, receive all our gratitude and best regards.
N, F, A & A, S

Dear Toru-san,
My text is more than a thankful note for the kind attention you had with my wife, my grandson and me during our first day in Japan. Due to you, it was certainly the best start we could ever had.
As I speak, tell, read and reflect on Japan, you are the leading character in my mind.
I told my grandson that I would write this note to you. He asked me to be copied because he will make a video using the many clips he took during this travel, and he would like to share it with you when it is completed.
Please rest assure that you have a new but permanent friend in Mexico. If any of your children or grandchildren travels my way I would be very happy to reciprocate your kindness to them.

Dear Mr.Tasaki,
We appreciate your efforts to assist the family until he was evacuated back to the United States. You served as a communication bridge between the American citizens who were not familiar with Japan and the Japanese language and hospital staff. I would like to express my gratitude to you for your volunteer spirit.
The excellent assistance you extended to the family is further evidence of the strong friendship between the United States and Japan.

Dear Mr. Toru Tasaki San,
Attached are the photos taken together during our tour which you expertly conducted.
You are very young 82, with full of knowledge and passion to share to your younger generations. The Best Tour Guide we ever had.
The Philippines

Dear Toru.
Thank you for a wonderful tour. It was perfect. Glad that the weather was okay.
It was wonderful to visit the sites that we had planned, and great to see the sites associated with Thomas Glover. We learned a lot and will continue to study about Nagasaki. I am now going to purchase some of the books you showed us. We hope to visit again soon.
D.Y. Kanagawa

″We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestries, We borrow it from our children. ″ ----------------------An lndigenous American saying-------------
S.S. Tokyo


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