TAKAHASHI Noriko (a.k.a. Norah) (たかはしのりこ)

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Many thanks for visiting my page.  Please call me Norah.
And thank you very much for considering Nagasaki as one of your destinations.
Nagasaki is immensely popular among the Japanese.  Can you guess why this small peninsula attracts so many travelers?  Is it because of its fascinating history, landscapes, festivals, food, or unique culture?  Let me help you find the answer.  Let us explore Nagasaki off the beaten path, while enjoying local restaurants, and hearing stories that are never found in the guidebooks!


Qualifications National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Licensed Tour Conductor
Nagasaki Interpreter-Guide Association Member
Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators and Guide-Interpreters Member
Nagasaki City Cultural Properties Supporter
Nagasaki City Road Walk Supporter
Nagasaki City International Volunteer
E-mail n-takahashi★k-itg.or.jp
* Please replace the "★" symbol in the email address with the "@" symbol.


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