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  • 2023/03/15

Notice - Regarding Appropriate Mask Usage in Japan (starting from March 13)

Starting from 13 March 2023, the use of mask will depend on personal choices.
Please remember to be understanding and respectful of personal choices not to force someone to wear or take off their masks.

- For the people willng to travel in Japan, more details is here
- For the people willing to announce this notice on any places, you can download useful pictogram from here. *JP only


※ Effective Mask Use 
- We recommend wearing a mask in certain settings, in order to prevent the elderly and those who at high risk of severe illness from being infected. - When in medical institutions.
- When visiting medical institutions and nursing homes where people at high risk of more severe disease lives.
- Crowded settings such as crowded commuter trains and buses (excluding those that permit seating for all passengers, such as Shinkansen, commuter liner, highway bus, charter bus etc.).
- When people at high risk of severe illness during the spread of infection go to crowded places.

※ If you are symptomatic 
If you are feeling sick, have tested positive, or currently living with others who have tested positive, stay home even if the symptoms are mild. If you have to go out for a hospital, avoid crowded settings and wear a mask.

※ Regarding the mask use in healthcare facilities and nursing homes 
Wearing mask is recommended for those who work in settings such as healthcare facilities and nursing homes, in proximity to those who have a high risk of severe illness, including the elderly and immunocompromised.
- While personal mask use is based on individual choice, operators are permitted to enforce certain regulations for its users and employees on its premises, for reasons such as the prevention of infection.

※ Notes for Children Mask Use 
- The healthy development of a child should be taken into consideration, in pertaining to children’s mask usage.
- Additional infection control measures may be placed in the future, depending on the number of infections. Nonetheless, we ask supervisors to observe the wellness of their child while using a mask, as mask usage affects the health and well-being of the child differently than to that of an adult.




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