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  • 2022/10/11

Notice - new entry restriction for foreigners from October 11th (Japan Tourism Agency)

On October 11th, Japan Tourisum Agecy announced new entry restriction for foreigners trying to enter Japan.
For more details, please visit the website.



  • From October 11, 2020, based on the review of new entry restrictions for foreigners, we will not require the person in charge of acceptance to apply for the immigration health check system (ERFS) for the entry of foreign tourists (acceptance Abolishment of the responsible person system), and at the same time, we have decided to lift the restriction on package tours (lifting of the ban on individual travel).
  • This measure will be applied after 00:00 on October 11, 2022, and foreign tourists who enter Japan before 00:00 on October 11 will be able to apply from the same time on the same day. does not require a person in charge of acceptance. In addition, as the person in charge of acceptance will no longer be necessary, the "Guidelines for Accepting Foreign Tourists" will be abolished at 00:00 on October 11th.

<2>Measures against infectious diseases during travel

In order to travel safely and securely, it is important to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures.
Please use it to inform foreign tourists about infection prevention measures.


<3>Response flow for foreign visitors to Japan in the event of illness or injury
This is the basic response flow for foreign visitors to Japan in the event of illness or injury. If a foreign visitor to Japan consults you about how to deal with an illness or injury, please use the response flow diagram to inform them.
In addition, we ask for your cooperation in providing the necessary support so that foreign visitors to Japan can smoothly consult and undergo medical examinations at related organizations such as the counters for foreigners in prefectures according to the flow.




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