Photo Download GuidePhoto Download Guide

  • STEP 1

    Search photos and select photos to add to the list.

  • STEP 2

    On the "Download List" page, click "Next" to start the application process.

  • STEP 3

    Fill in the application form. Read the Photo Download Terms and Conditions, and if you agree, click "Submit".

  • STEP 4

    An automatic email will be sent to your registered email address. Click the URL in the email to start the download.

Photo Download Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions listed below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”), Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as “NPTA”) will permit users to download and use the photos listed on Discover Nagasaki’s website (hereinafter referred to as “This Site”).

Purpose of Use

The photos listed on This Site shall only be used for the purpose of tourism promotion of Nagasaki Prefecture.


NPTA owns the copyright to all the photos listed on This Site, therefore the photos shall not be re-printed, copied, transferred or sold without the consent of NPTA.

Rights to Use

The user shall apply for the selected photos with the intended purpose of use. Once approved, the user may use the downloaded photos only for the intended purpose. If one wants to use the same photo for a different purpose, one must submit a separate application form.

Modifying Photos

  • Depending on the intended purpose of use, the user may crop the photos. However, it is prohibited to crop or cut out specific individual(s) within the photo, or use the photo as a part of a collage that is not related to the tourism promotion of Nagasaki Prefecture.
  • Some photos include the credit of the photographer; therefore, please do not modify the original images.
  • Please do not edit the color of the photos.
  • Some of the photos’ file size may be small; therefore, please avoid the use of photo enlargement as it may ruin the original quality of the photo.
  • Depending on the season or timing, the photo may look different from the actual condition.

Photo Credits

Please use the following photo credits when using the pictures downloaded from This Site.
Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association”

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association”

Prohibited Actions

  • Using the photos in a way that violates public policy.
  • Using the photos for any commercialization purposes (i.e. postcards, calendars, digital data collection, product labels and packaging, and etc.).
  • Inserting URL link(s) onto the downloaded photos.
  • Any other actions that NPTA regards as inappropriate.

Revoking the Rights to Use

If there are any violations to this Terms and Conditions, NPTA has the right to revoke the permission to use the photos. Furthermore, depending on the violation, the user may be subject to paying compensations or damages.


NPTA will not be held responsible or liable for any damages that arise from the use of the photos by the user.


When using the photos of churches or cathedrals, in addition to the photo credits, one shall also include the following phrase:
“We have obtained permission from the archdiocese to use this image.”
We might request you to apply to Nagasaki Catholic Archdiocese directly if it is necessary.
You are also required to apply to Oura Church Christian Museum when you use photos of Oura Church.
For more details about application, please refer to the website of Oura Church Christian Museum.

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