Nagasaki City Dinosaur Museum (ナガサキシキョウリュウハクブツカン)

A museum where you can see, touch and experience the history of dinosaurs in Nagasaki City.

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The third museum in Japan dedicated to dinosaurs, a treasure trove of fossils, will open in Nagasaki City in October 2021 in Nagasaki's Mozaki Dinosaur Park.

The museum features a 13-meter-long replica of a Tyrannosaurus skeleton, which can only be seen here in Japan, a corner where visitors can touch real fossils, and a realistic reconstructed robot dinosaur! Visitors can see, touch, and learn about prehistoric history.

In Nagasaki City, more than 1,300 fossils have been discovered so far, all of them 81 million years old, and the first fossil of a large species of Tyrannosauridae discovered in Japan in 2015 was found in a stratum (Mitsuse Formation) from the late Cretaceous Period. This proves that Tyrannosauridae and other carnivorous dinosaurs certainly lived in Nagasaki City.

In the permanent exhibition room, approximately 180 specimens of various kinds of dinosaurs are on display. Enjoy the dynamic and unique fossil exhibits of Tyrannosauridae, Triceratops, and Kubinagaryu.

In the open laboratory, visitors can take a close-up look at a laboratory equipped with an X-ray CT system, the first of its kind in a natural history museum in Kyushu, and a cleaning room where fossils are scraped from rocks.

The dinosaur fossils already discovered in Nagasaki City, as well as actual fossils to be discovered in the future, will be on display, so you are sure to make a different discovery each time you visit this evolving museum.


Address 851-0505 長崎県長崎市野母町568-1
TEL 095-898-8000
FAX 095-898-8001
Hours of Operation 9:00-17:00
Ticket sales and last admission to the exhibition rooms is until 16:30.
Closed Mondays (except national holidays) and December 31-January 1
Open during special exhibitions (charged)
Price Permanent Exhibitions
Adults 500 yen Elementary and junior high school students and preschool children 200 yen (free for children under 3 years old)
Groups (15 or more people): Adults 400 yen, Elementary/Junior high school students and pre-school children 160 yen
Other discounts and exemptions are available. Please check the official website for details.
Special Exhibitions
Please check the official website for details.
Parking Free parking for 135 regular cars, 5 large buses, and handicapped parking spaces available
Access From JR Nagasaki Station South Exit or Nagasaki Shinchi Terminal, take a bus bound for "Kabashima" or "Misaki Kiba", get off at "Dinosaur Park-mae" and walk 5 minutes.
From JR Nagasaki Station South Exit, on weekdays (10:00-14:00) and weekends and holidays (10:00-15:00), take a bus bound for "Harumidai", "Kawahara Koen-mae" or "Kawahara Misaki Kiba".
You must get off at the (new) Sakaegami bus stop (inside the Sanwa Regional Center) and transfer to the bus bound for "Kabashima" or "Misaki Kiba".
From the center of Nagasaki City, drive south on Route 499 in the direction of Nomo Zaki for approximately 40 minutes.
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