HIROPPA (こうえんひろっぱ)

The artistic Hasami pottery park

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Hiroppa, a park created by Maruhiro (the local products maker of Nagasaki Prefecture’s traditional Hasami Ware craft goods) and with artists connected through their experience working creating Hasami Ware, had its grand opening last month on the first of October.

Grass covers the entire nearly 4000 square meter plot of the park. Artists with a connection to Maruhiro started by designing the playgrounds. Then they added direct-owned shops with Maruhiro’s full line-up of goods, bento and sweets shops, craft-beer-selling kiosks, and cafes. Visitors can enjoy whatever kind of place they like inside the park.

In addition, a universally accessible path has been put up so that wheelchairs can easily travel around the park. This is a park that you will long remember from your travels, somewhere people can relax and have a good time regardless of age or gender, a park that has become a perfect place for rest and relaxation.


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