Christian Cruise

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This cruise offers not only stunning views of the clear, emerald waters of the Wakamatsu Strait and the table corals that inhabit it, but also a trip to a deeply moving piece of the island’s Christian faith—the Christian Cave. Marked by a large statue of a cross and Jesus Christ erected in 1967, this cave was the hiding spot for eight Christians from Satonora during Goto Kuzure, a period of mass exposure of Christian communities in the Goto Islands when practicing Christianity was illegal. The Christians lived here for four months until a passing fisherman noticed smoke from the cave, after which the Christians were found and tortured. Mass is held here every October, and the cave remains a symbol of the perseverance of the area’s Christian faith.
Along the way is Hari no Mendo, meaning “eye of the needle”. This hole formation in the rocks is described by some to resemble the Virgin Mary cradling baby Jesus. The cruise also offers views of the magnificent Kiri Church on the hill.


Address 長崎県


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