Shimatetsu Cafe Train - Wabi Tabi -  (しまてつかふぇとれいん わびたび)

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As a new plan for the tourist train of Shimatetsu Cafe Train, 
"Shimatetsu Cafe Train Wabi-tabi" newly started runnning from April, 2024.

During 2 hour trip to Shimabara station, you can enjoy sweets, light meal and drink with the view of sceninc landscape and beautiful sea.

​This "travelling cafe​​​​​​“ stops at Omisaki Station, which is said to be the closest station to the sea in Japan. Enjoy the superb ocean view and take photos for your memory!

Even after getting off the train, there are also the events you must be fully excited around Shimabara castle.

◆Shimabara Castle Shichimangoku Busyoutai (military commanders) will welcome you!
◆Join a stamp rally event and get an original Shimabara Castle x Shimabara Railway stamp!.

Tickets also come with an admission ticket for Shimabara Castle and a one-way ticket for regular train (valid until the next day). So, we recommend you to stay around Shimabara city and visit the places where you cannot go within one day tour.


Address 長崎県島原市
Online Booking (Japanese)
Related Information pamphlet
Meeting time 10:50(Departure 11:10 Isahaya Station - Arrival 13:10 Shimabara Station)
Meeting place Isahaya Station (Shimabara Railway Line)
Price Adults: 6,500 JPY (tax included)
Elementary school students: 3,000 JPY (tax included)
Under elementary school students: Free
*Meals will not be provided for guests under elementary school age, so please prepare your own meals.


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