Nyokodo (ニョコドウ)

Dr. Takashi Nagai's symbol of lasting peace and love of neighbor passed down to many people

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Adjacent to the Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum is Nyokodo, Dr. Nagai Takashi's hospital room and study.

It was built as a new home for Dr. Nagai through the generosity of the people of Urakami and his fellow Catholics, who were left penniless by the atomic bombing. He named the building "Nyokodo," meaning "love your neighbor as yourself," and spent the last years of his life here.
Dr. Nagai spent his final years here, battling the onslaught of leukemia and becoming bedridden, but he continued to work desperately on his writing.
From his mere two-mat room, Dr. Nagai continued to encourage the people of Urakami, publishing novels and essays such as "Rosary Chain," "Leave This Child," "River of Life," and "The Bells of Nagasaki," which was made into a movie and "Leave This Child" into a record, and is still sung today as a famous postwar song.


Address 852-8113 長崎県長崎市上野町22-6
TEL 095-844-3496(Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum)
FAX 095-844-3496
Hours of Operation 9:00-17:00
Price [Nyokodo] Free of charge

[Nagai Takashi Memorial Hall (Exhibition Hall)]
Adults (15 years and older)/100 yen
Free for elementary, junior high and high school students
Parking Only one handicapped space available
*General visitors are asked to kindly use the Peace Park parking lot or another nearby coin-operated lot.
Access 15 minutes by tram (bound for Akasako) from Nagasaki Station, about 15 minutes walk from Ohashi stop.
Approximately 20 minutes by car from JR Nagasaki Station
Website Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum Nagasaki


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