Nagasaki Science Museum (ナガサキシカガクカン(スターシップ))

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“First Nagasaki, then Planet Earth, finally – the Universe”. Get closer to the mysteries of space thanks to the planetarium and the stargazing club.


Address 852-8035 長崎県長崎市油木町7-2
TEL 095-842-0505
Hours of Operation 9:30~17:00
Closed Every Monday (closed on Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
New Year holidays (December 31–January 1)
Price [Exhibition Room]
Adults:410 yen(high school students and above)
Children:200 yen (3 y.o. to junior high school students)
[Space Theater (Planetarium)]
Adults:520 yen (high school students and above)
Children:260 yen (3 y.o. to junior high school students)
Parking Parking lot available (free)
Access 20 minutes' walk from the Ohashi Streetcar Stop.
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