Former Gorin Church (きゅう ごりんきょうかいどう)

An important building from early Meiji era, registered as Important National Heritage.

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Originally built in 1881, the former Hamawaki Church was dismantled in 1931 and reconstructed in the Gorin district of Hisaka Island.  

Left deteriorated and on the verge of destruction, the edifice was saved by the help provided by the local Buddhist community. Property of the church was transferred over to Goto City, in order to preserve it as a significant cultural property. 

Gorin district is remote and can’t be accessed directly by car from central Hisaka. 

The church is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site, as part of the “Villages on Hisaka Island” belonging to the “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region”.


Address 853-2172 長崎県五島市蕨町五輪
TEL 095-823-7650(予約電話番号)
Access 40 minutes by taxi and then a 15-minute walk from Tanoura Port, Hisaka Island.


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