St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church - A View of a Christian Church and Japanese Temples (ジイントキョウカイノミエルフウケイ)

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Constructed in 1913 as the Hirado Catholic Church, it was relocated to its current location in 1931. The statue of St. Francis was erected in 1971 to honour the missionary’s visit to Hirado in 1550, and the church was later given its present name "St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church".

Nearby this church is a quiet and nature surrounded street that will lead you to the downtown area of Hirado. From this street, the view of St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church surrounded by Japanese temples is absolutely stunning, and this view was even described by Lonely Planet as "one of the most photogenic vantage points in all of Kyushu."


Address 859-5152 長崎県平戸市鏡川町269番地
TEL 0950-22-4111(平戸市観光課)
FAX 0950-23-3399


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