Nagasaki Kenban (ながさきけんばん)

An office that trains and makes arrangements for geisha

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Located in Maruyama, which has been an entertainment district for geisha and oiran courtesans since the 1600s, Nagasaki Kenban is where geisha train and practice, are dispatched to rooms, and managed. The two-story wooden building, more than 100 years old, has a charming atmosphere, and red lanterns with the names of geisha written on them line the eaves. The sounds of shamisen (a three-stringed musical instrument similar to a banjo) can be heard from the building, and, if you are lucky, in the evening you may also be able to see geisha.
Geishas perform at long-established restaurants and tourist events. Inheriting the traditional culture of Nagasaki, they practice daily and perform their arts.
*The interior of Nagasaki Kenban is not open to visitors.


Address 850-0902 長崎県長崎市丸山町4番1号
TEL 095-822-0168(長崎検番事務所)
FAX 095-822-0169


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