Nagasaki Chinatown Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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The mid-autumn festival is considered one of China’s largest seasonal celebrations and is where Japan’s ‘Otsukimi’ moon viewing festival gained its roots. Traditionally celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the date changes each year.

Like the bright round moon, families gather to enjoy the beauty of some 1000 lanterns illuminated in the mid-autumn moonlight. Many come to Chinatown not only to see the lanterns, but to eat the delicious steamed mooncake. Complete the stamp rally or don a Chinese traditional outfit to get some for free, or visit the stalls in Minato Park to purchase some.

Artworks of the God of Love and Matchmaking are dotted around the park and Chinese food and souvenir stalls are aplenty. Come, see, eat and enjoy the mid-autumn festival performances, beginning daily from 5pm.


Address 長崎県長崎市長崎新地中華街・湊公園
TEL 095-822-6540(長崎中華街中秋節実行委員会)


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