Hashima Island (Gunkanjima Island) (グンカンジマ)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and model of the "Dead City" in the movie Skyfall.

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Hashima Island, also known by its nickname “Gunkanjima” (Battleship Island) due to its unique silhouette, is a small island that flourished as a coal mining community from 1890 to 1974. It reached its peak population of 5,267 people in 1959, making it the world’s highest population density ever recorded in history. However, in 1974, the island became completely deserted after the coalmine was closed.

In 2015, Hashima Island was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, listed as a component of “Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding, and Coal Mining Industries.” In addition, it received worldwide attention as it was the model for the “Dead City” in the James Bond movie “Skyfall” (2013), and the model used for the live action movie of "Attack on Titan" (2015).

Today, cruising tours and landing tours to Hashima Island are offered by several tour operators in Nagasaki City, but reservation in advance is required.


Address 851-1315 長崎県長崎市高島町端島
TEL 095-822-8888(長崎市コールセンターあじさいコール)


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