Arima Christian Heritage Museum (ミナミシバラシアリマキリシタンイサンキネンカン)

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Hara Castle was once the center of the Shimabara Rebellion in the 1600s. The ruins of Hara Castle are now included as a component of the “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region,” inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018.

Minami-Shimabara has established the Arima Christian Heritage Museum with the purpose of promoting the inscription of the collection of sites on the World Heritage List.
The museum exhibits 250 years of Christian history showing its propagation, prosperity and suppression, and the Shimabara-Amakusa revolt. Both Hara Castle and Hinoe Castle give testimony to both the light and dark days of Nagasaki’s Hidden Christian history.


Address 859-2412 長崎県南島原市南有馬町乙1395番地
TEL 0957-85-3217
Hours of Operation 9:00~18:00
Price JPY 300


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