A-bomb camphor tree (ヒバククスノキ)

A giant camphor tree that withstood the atomic bombing and still stands strong and full of vitality.

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In August 1945, an atomic bomb exploded over Nagasaki City, cracking the trunk, blowing away branches and leaves, and burning the tree with heat rays, nearly killing it for a time. Miraculously, however, the tree sprouted new shoots and gradually regained its vigor, encouraging A-bomb survivors who were on their way to recovery from the devastation. The tree has become a symbol of peace and rebirth and is now designated as a natural monument of Nagasaki City.

Sanno Shrine also distributes the "Daikusu-mamori," a gift named after the life force of the giant kusu.


Address 852-8102 長崎県長崎市坂本2-6-56
TEL 095-844-1415(Sannou Shrine)
Hours of Operation Phone reception 10:00-15:00
Access Approx. 10 minutes walk from JR Urakami Station
From Urakami Station, take a streetcar (bound for Akasako) for about 2 minutes, and get off at Daigaku Byoin Bus Stop.
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