Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops (フルーツバステイ)

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In the small town of Konagai, which is about 10 miles from the center of Isahaya City, there are 16 bus stops running along Highway 207. The bus stops are not your ordinary ones, but fruit shaped ones!

The idea of fruit-shaped bus stops was said to be inspired by the pumpkin-shaped carriage in Cinderella, and they were installed by the town of Konagai in 1990 to welcome visitors to the Journey Exposition Nagasaki 1990.

Today, there are 5 kinds of fruit-shaped bus stops; strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, orange and tomato. The area of the highway is now referred to as “Tokimeki Fruits Basutei Dori”, or “Tokimeki Fruit-shaped Bus Stop Avenue”.


Address 長崎県諫早市小長井町国道207号線
TEL 0957-34-2111(諫早市小長井支所)


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