Sofukuji Temple (ソウフクジ)

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In 1629, the Chinese residents of Nagasaki who hailed from Fujian Province constructed this Chinese Temple. It houses 21 cultural assets, including two national treasures - Daiohoden (Buddha Hall) & Daippo-mon (First Peak Gate). It is a temple with a unique pedigree; apart from the temples of Kyoto and Nara, it is unique for housing so many cultural assets in one temple in Western Japan. The "Daio" of the national treasure Daiohoden signifies the Sakyamuni Buddha. Since the sedentary statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha is enshrined as a principal image of Buddha, it is called Daiohoden. When the Buddhist statue was renovated around 1935, an internal organ of silver and cloth was discovered within it. Also, although the gate of the temple - a two-storied tower gate - is ordinarily known as "Temple Gate," Sofukuji Temple has three gated entrances known as "the three gates." The raised lettering "Seijuyama" appearing on the framed picture of the three gates was from the brush of the Zen Master Ingen, a high priest of China who had entered Kofukuji temple.


Address 850-0831 長崎県長崎市鍛冶屋町7-5
TEL 095-823-2645
Hours of Operation 8:00~17:00
Price JPY 300


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