Visit an Emerald Green Sea! Enjoy Sightseeing on Tatsunoshima and Exploring This Uninhabited Island!-1

Visit an Emerald Green Sea! Enjoy Sightseeing on Tatsunoshima and Exploring This Uninhabited Island!

Tatsunoshima is an uninhabited island at the northernmost point of Iki Island. It has a sea that shines emerald green, a white sandy beach, precipitous cliffs and caverns made by the raging waves. It is a sight so beautiful that you won't think it belongs in this world. In addition to swimming in the sea in the summer, you can also enjoy a tour of scenic spots on a sightseeing boat in the spring and the fall.


Tatsunoshima is an uninhabited island located approximately 10 minutes by boat from Katsumoto Port on Iki Island. You can take in the magnificent scenery of the cliffs, caves and other nature here. The beach of Tatsunoshima has a high degree of clearness and the water is also shallow. Therefore, it is popular with many tourists. There is a regular boat service to the island from March to November. There are also sightseeing boats that take you around the island. Accordingly, you can experience a sightseeing and landing course that provides the feeling of adventure.

Departure to Tatsunoshima!

Buy a ticket at the tourist information center in Katsumoto Port and depart to Tatsunoshima! The boat will pick up speed when it leaves the port. Therefore, we recommend you sit in the seats on the seaward side on the second floor at first. The boat will slow down as it approaches Tatsunoshima after approximately 40 minutes of sightseeing. At that time, try moving to the bow of the deck. If you stand at the bow and look out at the strange rocks or cliffs of the island, you will feel as though you have become an adventurer.
*If there are many people on board, you may not be able to change seats. Please comply with the instructions of the captain and crew.

Enjoy the Adventure of the Sea

As you approach Tatsunoshima, the first thing you will see is Okamiiwa (Wolf Rock) that appears to be looking at the sea with its ears standing upright. Next, you will move to the Umi-no Kyuden (Palace of the Sea) cave that has been eroded over tens of thousands of years. The boat will approach this as close as it can, so you will experience its full impact if you stand on the deck. When the boat proceeds further to the north of the island, scenic spots of strange rocks and precipitous cliffs will appear one after another. You may even be able to see the Hanage Kannon that rises to the surface of the rocks on days when the waves are calm. This is said to have saved ships that were heading for disaster due to bad weather. Accordingly, it is also known as a location thought to be flowing with mystical energy. The tour will end once the boat has gone around the entire island.
*The course may change or the service may be canceled due to the weather or sea conditions.

Finally Land on the Uninhabited Island!

You will start to explore this uninhabited island once you get off the boat. Look out for cute tropical fish in the sea. If you proceed on the narrow path alongside the quay while paying attention to the waves, you will arrive at Tatsunoshima Swimming Beach. Enjoy swimming in the sea at this white sand beach with a high degree of clearness. The water is shallow, so you can even play with small children here in peace of mind. You can use the showers, free rest building and changing room. There is a shop that sells water and snacks during the summer. However, there is no dining space. We recommend you buy food and drinks at the shop in the tourist information center before boarding the boat.

Easy Trekking Course

After having fun at the beach, explore the north side of the island! Start trekking with the aim of reaching the top of the cliff. First, a large hole called "Oni no Ashiato (Demon's Footprint)" will appear. This hole is said to have been made by a large demon planting his feet to save a whale. The other footprint is located on Iki Island. If you head right after Oni no Ashiato and climb the steep steps, you will arrive at an unobstructed precipitous cliff approximately 60 meters in height called "Cape Hanage." if you look down at the sea from the highest point on the island, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Return back on the path you came from and take a left at the fork to be able to see Jaga Valley that looks like a rock has been split. You will feel the greatness of nature by looking down below the cliff from the fence. If you pass through the path overgrown with plants, you will reach the original path. This course takes approximately 30 minutes.
*There is no fence at Cape Hanage. You will need to take care of small children in particular.

Uninhabited Island Packed with Scenic Spots

If you wish to enjoy swimming in the sea at Tatsunoshima, we recommend you visit in July and August. We recommend trekking in the spring and the fall when there are few tourists. Lifeguards are only stationed at the beach in the summer. Therefore, please be especially careful of your safety in other seasons. Make sure to bring food, drinks, comfortable shoes, towels and long-sleeved jackets when you land. It is also a good idea to bring a hat, swimwear, swimming floats and snorkeling sets in the summer. Make sure to take your garbage home with you. You do not need to book the boat. However, the service may be canceled due to the weather or it may be booked up by groups. Make a plan with plenty of time and check with the tourist information center in advance to be safe.


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