The Story of Goto's Hidden Christians (Kamigoto Edition)

Retrace the steps of Kamigoto's hidden Christians

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Stops (Morning Course)
 Gather at Goto Udon no Sato at 9:20 AM.
 Goto Udon no Sato (departs 9:40)→ Walk around Former Tainora Church area → Explore the Sakiura districtKashiragashima Church → Goto Udon no Sato (arrives 12:40)

Stops (Evening Course)
Gather at Goto Udon no Sato at 1:10 PM.
  Goto Udon no Sato (arrives 1:30 PM) → Ruins of Tetsukawa Yosuke's Residence → Aosagaura Church → Hiyamizu Church → Oso Church → Goto Udon no Sato (arrives 3:35 PM)


Morning Course Adult: 8,980 yen Child: 7,980 yen
Evening Course Adult: 6,980 yen Child: 5,980 yen

 Included in cost: taxi fees, guide fee, donation to the churches. Lunch is not included. "Adult" is categorized as middle school and up.
【Deadline】5 PM of the day three days prior to the trip.

【Gathering Time】Morning Course: Goto Udon no Sato, 9:20 AM
                 Evening Course: Goto Udon no Sato, 1:10 PM

  ※To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, there may be times where entry to churches is not permitted.
  ※Accommodations can be made for visitors taking the 7:55 to 9:38 boat from Nagasaki to Arikawa via Kyushu Shosen. Please inform us when signing up if this is applicable to you.


Address 857-4211 長崎県南松浦郡新上五島町有川郷428-31
TEL 0959-42-0964
FAX 0959-42-0967
Hours of Operation Every week on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
(Inquire directly if dates coincide with the beginning or end of the year)


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