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Shinkamigoto Stargazing

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Being a remote island town, Shinkamigoto and its islands offers breathtaking sights of the night sky unmatched by anywhere else in Japan thanks to its near total lack of light pollution. With its mountainous geography, there are countless highly elevated, isolated spots to enjoy a night of stargazing in the great outdoors. Tours are available, such as the Kamigoto Airport Starry Night Tour, in which participants can access the runway of the normally inaccessible Kamigoto Airport runway on the historic Kashiragashima Island to tour the night sky with a variety of astronomical equipment. Other popular spots for stargazing include the Mount Ryukanzan Observatory on Wakamatsu Island, Kurosaki Park in Arikawa, and Yagatame Observatory in Kamigoto. Explore the island’s mountains for yourself and create your very own stargazing adventure.


Address 長崎県南松浦郡友住郷744
TEL 0959-42-0964
Contact Shinkamigoto Tourism Association
FAX 0959-42-0967
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