Nagasaki Hypocenter Park (ヘイワコウエン(ゲンバクラッカチュウシンチ))

Ground Zero of the Atomic Bombing in Nagasaki

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On August 9th, 1945, an atomic bomb detonated 500 meters above Matsuyama in Nagasaki City at 11:02am. The area within a 2.5 kilometer radius of the hypocenter was utterly devastated, and the rest of the city was left in ruins. After the bombing, which destroyed all plant life around the hypocenter, people said that no plants would grow there for the next 75 years. However, one month after the atomic bombing, about 30 kinds of plants started to grow again. Today, there are about 500 cherry blossom trees in the Hypocenter Park, as well as flowers and lush greenery that can be seen throughout the year. It truly captures the power of revival.


Address 852-8118 長崎県長崎市松山町
TEL 095-822-8888(長崎市コールセンターあじさいコール)
Closed 12/29~1/3


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