Kujuku Islands (くじゅうくしま)

Beautiful islands created by the power of the Earth

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The Kujuku Islands, the westernmost islands off mainland Japan, cosist of 208 islands both large and small. The density of these islands is said to be the highest in Japan, and they offer beautiful, untouched nature. The beautiful contrast between the blue sea and the deep green of the trees covering the islands is a magnificent sight to behold. Enjoying the scenery from the ocean, via either a sightseeing boat or a sea kayak, is also recommended. There are also eight observatories in Sasebo City, called the "Eight Views of Kujuku Islands," where you can enjoy magnificent, panoramic views of the islands.
In 2018, the Kujuku Islands were certified as a member of the "Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club" by an international NGO.


Address 長崎県佐世保市
TEL 0956-22-6630(佐世保観光情報センター(JR佐世保駅構内))
FAX 0956-25-9680


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