Former Enyuji Temple and Garden (キュウエンユウジテイエン)

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The former Enyuji Temple was originally built to worship the Tokugawa Shoguns during the Edo period. The temple was then abolished after Meiji restoration, and it was rebuilt as the current Omura Gokoku Shrine (a shrine honoring the war dead).

Nowadays, this place is widely known for its scenic Kare-sansui Garden, (also known as dry landscape garden or rock garden). The garden resembles the early times of Edo period, and it is also designated as one of the “Places of Scenic Beauty in Japan”.


Address 856-0834 長崎県大村市玖島2丁目505番地
TEL 0957-53-4111(大村市観光振興課)
FAX 0957-52-9700


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