Iojima Swimming Beach - Costa del Sol (イオウジマカイスイヨクジョウ)

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Located just a twenty minute ferry, or a thirty minute bus ride from Nagasaki City is the beautiful ‘Costa del Sol’ beach, meaning ‘coast of sun’ in Spanish. The beach is named after the brilliant rays of sunshine and crystal clear ocean that makes the area a haven for swimmers.

During the summer months, hundreds of beach-goers flock to Iojima Island to make the most of the gentle waves and soft golden sand. Children’s paddle pools and play equipment means that the ‘Costa del Sol’ beach is perfect for families.

For stronger swimmers, a floating pontoon sits off shore to jump off and relax on. Visit the beachside facility for rental equipment including inflatable rings, standup paddleboards, jet skis and many more. The facility is also equipped with toilets and showers, and it is wheelchair friendly.


Address 851-1201 長崎県長崎市伊王島町1丁目2129番地
TEL 095-898-2202(i+Land nagasaki(アイランド ナガサキ))
Closed 12/28~1/1


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