Sakino Nature Park (サキノシゼンコウエン)

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The Sakino Nature Park is 11 hectares in size, and it has campgrounds, observatories, grass sledding area, and a playground within the park. From the observatories, the view of Omura Bay is absolutely gorgeous, and if you’re lucky, you just might see some finless porpoise swimming in the bay area.

In 2018, three cottages were built within the park facing Omura Bay. Each cottage has two floors. The first floor has a living room area with a couch and TV; and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and some basic kitchenware. The second floor has a bedroom, and a bathroom equipped with a bathtub that overlooks Omura Bay.
The cottages are available all year round; excluding December 28th – January 4th.


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