Shimabara Castle Town Hinameguri

Admire traditional Japanese dolls at the shops and homes around the castle town.

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Every year on March 3rd, Japanese people decorate their homes with traditional dolls to celebrate Girl's Day, also known as "Hinamatsuri" (the Dolls Festival) or "Momo-no-Sekku" (Peach Festival). Peaches symbolise perpetual youth and longevity, and in Nagasaki during this season you can find peach-shaped versions of the popular Nagasaki cake, 'Castella'. Residents and shops in Shimabara City mark the festival by setting out their treasured ornaments dressed in Heian-court outfits. So, come and get a glimpse of them while you stroll around the castle town of Shimbara, also known for its delicious food, hot springs and an abundance of fascinating historical sites.


Address 長崎県島原市島原城観光復興記念館、武家屋敷、市内各所 他
TEL 0957-62-3986(株式会社島原観光ビューロー)
FAX 0957-63-5561


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