Hirado Dutch Trading Post (ヒラドオランダショウカン)

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The Hirado Dutch Trading Post was established in Hirado City from 1609 – 1641, as Hirado was the main international trading port for Japan during that time. The trading post included many different buildings, but the warehouse built in 1639 was said to be the first full-fledged western style building in Japan. The current Hirado Dutch Trading Post (opened in 2011) was carefully reconstructed, and now houses a museum that tells the international trading history of Hirado. One of the most unique exhibits include a Dutch suit of armor which was rearranged in Japanese style by a Samurai.


Address 859-5102 長崎県平戸市大久保町2477番地
TEL 0950-26-0636
FAX 0950-26-0638
Hours of Operation 8:30~17:30
Price JPY 310


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