Nagasaki's largest fire festival, reenacting the tales of historical scrolls.

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The largest fire festival in all of Nagasaki features around 200 participants in samurai warrior costume marching through the blooming cherry trees of Tachibana Park with flaming torches in their hands. This practice is based on an illustrated story found in a historical scroll from over 400 years ago.

A great way to enjoy the entire day is to do cherry blossom-viewing (o-hanami) in Tachibana Park in the afternoon and then watch the Kanoukaen procession in the evening.

If you'd like to join in the march and wear samurai armor or find out more about the festival, check out the official Kanoukaen homepage.

*Please note that if applicant numbers exceed the limit, applicants will be chosen by random draw.


Address 長崎県雲仙市千々石町福石公園、千々石海岸、橘神社


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