Obama Onsen (おばまおんせん)

Savor the beautiful views at a seaside onsen

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At this seaside resort you can relax in an onsen hot spring while taking in close-up views of the majestic mountains and beautiful seas. The onsen also has a long history, dating back to more than 1,300 years ago, and you can really feel the atmosphere of the old-fashioned townscape and the steam that rises from the hot spring resorts.
Of particular note are the gorgeous sunsets at Obama Onsen, where you can see incredible views of the sea bathed in gold with the setting sun behind them.
The fresh seafood dishes are also recommended.


Address 長崎県雲仙市小浜町
TEL 0957-74-2672(一般社団法人雲仙観光局 小浜温泉観光案内所)
FAX 0957-74-2884
Access Approx. 55 minutes by car from Shimabara Station.


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