Memorial Park of Houses Destroyed by Debris Flow (ドセキリュウヒサイカオクホゾンコウエン)

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This memorial park is located inside Mizunashi Honjin Fukae Roadside Station, and it exhibits 11 houses (preserved in its original condition) buried by the debris flow from the volcanic eruption of Mt. Unzen in 1992.
The speed of the debris flow at the time of the eruption was fairly slow, therefore, instead of destroying and collapsing the houses, it buried the houses with debris measuring 2.8 to 3 meters tall.

Today, three of the houses in the memorial park are protected under large tents, and 8 houses are located outside; all of which are open to public and there are no entrance fees.


Address 859-1504 長崎県南島原市深江町丁6077番地(道の駅みずなし本陣ふかえ横)
TEL 0957-72-7222(みずなし本陣)
Hours of Operation 9:00~17:00


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