Nozaki Island Nature Learning Village (ノザキジマシゼンガクジュクソン)

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Nozaki Island has been uninhabited island since 2001, but although uninhabited, there are approximately 500 wild deer that live around the Nozaki Island Nature Learning Village. This village provides the sole accommodation facility on the island, utilizing the facility of former primary school which closed in 1985. It offers multiple accommodation options which include shared rooms with bunkbeds; Japanese style private rooms, and also the option to camp outside with pre-installed tents. The facility is also equipped with shower rooms, a dining area, and an outdoor kitchen area.

The Former Nokubi Church (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Nokubi Beach (known for its emerald green water and white sand beach) are both approximately a one minute walk from the village. The beauty of the untouched and compelling nature of this island is absolutely stunning and unforgettable.

Please note that as Nozaki Island is uninhabited, reservation is required at least 7 days before your stay or day trip; this includes if you’re just visiting the Former Nokubi Church.


Address 857-4709 長崎県北松浦郡小値賀町野崎郷
TEL 0959-56-2646(NPO法人おぢかアイランドツーリズム協会)
FAX 0959-56-3530
Price JPY 1,000


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