Sarayama Park (サザチョウサラヤマコウエン)

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Sarayama Park is well-known in Nagasaki for its seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, Japanese irises, Chinese peonies, and azaleas. In particular, from late May to mid-June, over 10,000 Japanese irises will bloom and paint the park into beautiful purple colors. During this period, the park attracts many locals and visitors alike. The park is also family friendly as it has a playground and a roller slide that is 130 meters long! You can also try pottery making as the Sarayama Kiln is now restored in the park.


Address 857-0313 長崎県北松浦郡佐々町鴨川免351番地
TEL 0956-62-2101(佐々町役場建設課)
FAX 0956-62-3178


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