Kujukushima Relaxing Cruise

Enjoy Kujukushima even closer from a small boat!

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This cruise takes a special route which large pleasure boats cannot go through. It sits close to the surface of water, so you can see the different appearance of each island up close. The amusing announcements by the captain who has full knowledge of Kujukushima is another entertainment feature of this tour.


Address 858-0922 長崎県佐世保市鹿子前町1008
TEL 0956-28-1999(遊覧船事務所直通)
Location Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort Cruising Boat Terminal
Dates 10:20/11:20/12:20/13:20/14:20/15:20/16:20
※The departure at 10:20, 16:20 will be suspended with seasonal changes.
Price Adults (High school students and older) 2,400yen
Children (4-year old to Junior high school students) 1,200yen
Minimum number of participants 12 people


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