Nizo Yamamoto Art Museum (ヤマモトニゾウビジュツカン)

A must see place for Studio Ghibli fans

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Nizo Yamamoto (born on the Goto Islands of Nagasaki) was the animation art director for many renowned Studio Ghibli films such as “Castle in the Sky”, “Grave of Fireflies”, “Princess Mononoke,” and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”.

This museum is located on the Goto Islands, and uniquely, it is housed in a renovated old samurai residence that was originally built in 1863 during the Edo period.
The museum has a variety of his animation artwork on display, although most are replicas, there are a few originals as well. One of his most recent art projects, the “Goto Hyakkei,” or the “100 Sceneries of Goto”, are also on display in the museum. Wondering through the traditional samurai residence while perusing modern animation sketches inspired by Goto’s majestic nature would offer a nostalgic and memorable experience to all visitors.


Address 853-0017 長崎県五島市武家屋敷2-2-7
TEL 0959-76-3923
FAX 0959-76-3924
Hours of Operation 9:00~18:00
Price JPY 400
Access A 10-minute walk from Fukue Port Terminal.


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