Egami Church (えがみてんしゅどう)

Registered as UNESCO World Heritage as part of “Egami Village on Naru Island”. Important cultural property of Japan.

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The history of Egami Church starts back in 1881, when four families from Nishisonogi in Nagasaki Prefecture moved to Egami and were baptised catholic. 

The current church was built in 1918, thanks to the dedication of local kibinago fishermen and their families who gathered their savings to fund the church. 
They asked the “father of Japanese churches’ architecture”, Yosuke Tetsukawa, to design and build the edifice. 

It’s a simple but beautiful church, with its characteristic wooden architecture, its soft cream colour walls and charming blue sashes.

The ribbed vault ceiling is designed to enhance the acoustics of the place.

The hand-drawn wood grain on the pillars and hand-made flower-shaped stained glass are the fruits of the dedication of the local believers. 

Egami is registered as UNESCO World Heritage as part of the “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region” since 2018.


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