Enjoy Cycling in Nagasaki-1

Enjoy Cycling in Nagasaki

This page contains useful information on cycling in Nagasaki Prefecture, including exciting cycling events and courses.Though Nagasaki's topography may at first glance seem unsuited to cycling, with its long, complex coastal routes and steep slopes, in actual fact riding on a road or other type of bike will take you through swiftly changing scenery that can quickly turn into hill-climbs that you'll want to conquer.Slower than a car but faster than walking, cycles offer a wonderful way to explore your own unique experience of Nagasaki, whether by participating in an event or riding along one of the courses available.

Cycling Events


Nagasaki Prefecture has six cycling events that are held each year. These terrific events will give you wonderful insights into the charms of the locations where they are held. Choose one that excites your interest and suits your level! (Please check the links to see whether the events will be affected by COVID-19 and what countermeasures will be taken.)
  • Iojima TT-1

    Iojima TT

    Location: Iojima Island, Nagasaki City
    Timing: Around November each year

    [Description] A popular time trial event that is the only one in Japan to feature a starting platform and genuine race management.

  • Tour de Chanpon-1

    Tour de Chanpon

    [Location] Nagasaki City
    [Timing] Around September each year

    [Description] This fun ride event goes from Iojima Island around the Nomo Peninsula, featuring servings of champon, Nagasaki's local noodle dish, at the aid stations.

  • Shimabara Peninsula Cycling Event Ikki!-1

    Shimabara Peninsula Cycling Event Ikki!

    [Location] Shimabara Peninsula

    [Description] The newest cycling event in Nagasaki Prefecture, launched through a private volunteer initiative.

  • Omura Bay Zekkei Ride-1

    Omura Bay Zekkei Ride

    [Location] Coast of Omura Bay
    [Timing] Around October each year

    [Description] A cycling event that takes you on a tour of the marvelous scenery of Omura Bay, which is remarkable globally for being a super-enclosed body of water.

  • Kokkyo Cycling in Tsushima-1

    Kokkyo Cycling in Tsushima

    [Location] Tsushima City
    [Timing] Around October each year

    [Description] This fun ride event takes you over lots of ups and downs in a route crossing the island of Tsushima, which is now a global hotspot.

  • Iki Cycling Festival-1

    Iki Cycling Festival

    [Location] Iki City
    [Timing] Around June each year

    [Description] This is a cycling event with a long history, dating all the way back to 1989.

Where are they?

The Other Cycling Route in Nagasaki

Cycling support

We provide information on stores that can help you with maintenance or pumps for your road bike during your travels. Please note that some stores may not be able to help depending on the type of problem, the model of cycle, or how busy they are. Some maintenance work may require payment.


Minamishimabara Cycle Rescue is a service that comes to help you with punctures or other problems that have stopped you in your tracks. The service, provided in cooperation with local cycle stores, is only available in Minamishimabara City. Please contact the service if you need help with your bicycle.



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