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Access to the Outer Islands

To reach the various islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, you can take a boat from Nagasaki Port, Sasebo Port, or Hakata Port, etc., or, depending on the area, you can take an airplane. This page introduces the main routes, travel times, and directions to the ports. Use it to properly make your travel plan and schedule.

Major Ports, Stations, and Airports around Nagasaki Prefecture

How to Access the Various Islands

Access by Airplane

From Nagasaki Airport, you can go to Iki, Tsushima, and Goto City (Fukue), and from Fukuoka Airport, you can go to Tsushima and Goto City. Each flight takes approx. 30 min. one way, and ticket reservations can be made from the ANA website.

From Hakata Port (Fukuoka City)

High-speed boats and ferries operate from Hakata Port to Iki and Tsushima. By high-speed boat, it takes approx. 1 hour to go to Iki and approx. 2 hours to go to Tsushima via Iki. 
There is also a ferry that goes at night to the island ports in the Goto Islands, and sleeping overnight on the boat while travelling is recommended. 
To reach Hakata Port, take the bus from the Hakata Exit of JR Hakata Station. From Fukuoka Airport, take the subway for approx. 5 mins. towards Hakata Station and then transfer to the bus. 
Take Bus No. 99 and get off at the last stop, making sure not to accidentally take the "To International Terminal" bus. The bus ride takes approx. 20 mins., but is often delayed, so make sure to leave plenty of time. 
After getting off the bus, pay attention to which building you enter. For high-speed boats, buy a boarding ticket at Terminal 1 which is right in front of you, but for a ferry, buy a boarding ticket at Terminal 2 in the back.

From Nagasaki Port

From Nagasaki Port, high-speed boats and ferries go to Shinkamigoto Town and Goto City in the Goto Islands. By high-speed boat, it takes at least an hour and a half.

Taking the  tram from Nagasaki Eki-mae to Nagasaki Port is convenient. Take the tram towards "Sofukuji" for approx. 5 mins., then walk approx. 5 minutes after getting off at the "Ohato" tram stop, which is the closest tram stop to Nagasaki Port. Using the information signs as a guide, head towards Nagasaki Port Terminal while looking at Dejima Wharf and Kanko Maru on your left.

From Sasebo Port

From Sasebo Port, high-speed boats and ferries go to Shinkamigoto Town, Uku, and Ojika in the Goto Islands. By high-speed boat, it takes at least an hour and a half.

Sasebo Port is an approx. 5 min. walk from JR Sasebo Station. Sasebo Port is located on the sea side of the large "Sasebo Gobangai" commercial facility, which is located across the road from Sasebo Station's Minato Exit.
The terminals at Sasebo Port differ depending on the ship you use. To go to the Goto Islands, use the Kujiraze Terminal, which is located further back after passing the Shinminato Terminal.

Riding on a Saihi Bus from Bus Stop No. 2 at Nagasaki Airport, it takes approx. 90 mins. to get to Sasebo Station (Sasebo Bus Center). Tourists arriving at Nagasaki Airport by plane can also go directly to Sasebo Port, making it easy to access.

From Karatsu East Port (Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture)

There is a ferry that goes from Karatsu East Port to Iki. Please check the official website for details.


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