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Search night walks by categories~Former foreign residences at night~


Former Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Nagasaki Branch Museum

Designated as an important cultural asset by the Japanese government, this building was designed by the talented architect Kikutaro Shimoda. Built from concrete in the classical Grecian style, this museum is lit up at night as part of the stone-built western buildings on show. The color of the building as the light hits it gives off its deep history.

Minami-Yamate District Preservation Centre

This Western-style residence, characterised by colonial verandas and bay windows, was constructed by British national Wilson Walker. Come and appreciate its inventive design and exquisite exteriors. Under the evening illumination the building’s elaborate design is perfectly highlighted.

Glover Garden

The former Glover, Ringer and Alt residences have long been designated as important cultural assets, and these and other famous western-style buildings have now been moved and rebuilt here. Visitors can enjoy not only the beautiful illumination of the buildings, but also amazing panoramas over the city.

Oura Catholic Church

Designated as a national treasure, this church is the oldest in Japan. Built in 1864 and expanded in 1879, the church was the location of the “rediscovery of believers” of Christianity. Although originally wood, the building itself is made of brick and its white glow gives off a striking impression from its surrounding shadows when it is illuminated at night.

Confucius Shrine Koushi-byo and Historical Museum of China

The shrine began with the donation of some Confucian artifacts, and was constructed by the Ching dynasty government and people of Chinese heritage in 1893. It is joined to the Historical Museum of China. At night the lanterns are lit, illuminating the main hall and the gate of the shrine in bright red colors, giving a powerful, passionate impression.

Higashi-Yamate Western-style Residences

These seven residences standing in two parallel rows were constructed in the 1890s, at the bottom of a steep west-facing slope in the Higashi-Yamate area. Take your time observing the subtly illuminated residences while enjoying an evening walk. The illumination of this group of residential remains is unique in all of Japan.

Kwassui Gakuin (Kwassui Girl’s School)

Kwassui Gakuin (Kwassui Girl’s School) was founded by the American missionary Elizabeth Russel in 1879. The building has distinctive red roofs and characteristics of Gothic architecture. The main building along with its two chapels is illuminated after dark. Fantastic evening views of the red-roofed building can be observed from the Glover Garden and the Glover Sky Road (inclined escalator).

Bekko Craft Museum

The Bekko Craft Museum is in a former branch office of Nagasaki Customs, the building is designated nationally as an Important Cultural Property. The museum exhibits a collection of Japanese tortoiseshell works, preserving this traditional craft, as well as range of Customs documents. The lighting of the white exterior walls is simple and stylish.


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