Nagasaki Confucian Shrine & Historical Museum of China (ナガサキコウシビョウ チュウゴクレキダイハクブツカン)

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Built in 1893, this is the only Confucian mausoleum constructed by the Chinese outside China. Renovated in 1982 with the support of the Chinese government, the Temple and Cemetery of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong Province, this temple is a unique structure that blends the architectural styles of both Southern and Northern China. Confucius, the founder of Confucianism, was born over 2,500 years ago on September 28, 551 B.C. (in the Gregorian calendar) in state of Lu (in what is present-day Shandong Province) as the second son of a military man. He busied himself with study and preaching to his many disciples. His most famous writing is The Analects of Confucius. This is a record of his collected sayings, the teachings in his dialogues with his disciples, and the disciples' conversations with Confucius about their beliefs. The entire mausoleum contains 20 compilations, in 500 sections, for a total of over 16,000 characters of The Analects of Confucius carved into marble imported from Hualien, Taiwan.


Address 850-0918 長崎県長崎市大浦町10-36
TEL 095-824-4022
FAX 095-824-4025
Hours of Operation 9:30~18:00(Last entry at 17:30)
Price JPY 660


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