Nagasaki: Digital Nomads’ New Haven, Your Home Away From Home

In the ever-evolving world of digital nomadism, Nagasaki emerges as an enchanting destination, weaving together tradition and modernity. With a population of around 400,000, located on the western coast of Japan close to South Korea and China, the compact city is just the right size —not too small and not too big— and you will encounter its rich history, culture, and warm people.

As  you embark on this nomadic journey, Nagasaki embraces you with a modern infrastructure that complements its natural beauty. With the recent opening of the new bullet train route and developments around Nagasaki Station and Nagasaki Port, the city now boasts high-class international hotel brands such as Hilton and Marriott, a new large-scale convention center, and a waterfront adorned with scenic views of Mt. Inasa and with a relaxing seaside park. 

Nagasaki’s  culture has become a blend of Western, Chinese, and Japanese culture throughout its history. This mixed culture offers a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for many visitors who may find it. Some say the hilly townscape reminds them of San Francisco or La Paz, and another says the port scene feels like Marseille.
The port town of Nagasaki played an essential role in Japanese history. Not only the renowned city of A-bomb survivors from World War 2, its historical significance stretches back to the time of Dejima, the sole gateway to the outside world during the country’s isolation period for over 200 years, to the impact on the history of Christianity as well as modernization in Japan. Nagasaki invites you to uncover these layers of history that continue to resonate even in the present day.

On  its food scene, savor the delicious cuisine of Nagasaki, renowned for its fresh seafood and local specialties. Nagasaki Prefecture’s catch rate and the species’ variety rank among the nation’s top, offering a marine food adventure highlighted by Sashimi, Sushi, and fish cakes. The iconic specialties like Champon and Castella are from the region’s multicultural background. Nagasaki’s vibrant food experience ensures a delightful journey of discovery through its flavors and culture.

A  popular tourist destination with numerous sightseeing spots and accommodations, Nagasaki also becomes your hive for connection. As you reside in this historical city, become part of a community that links locals, fellow nomads from all over Japan, and international adventurers. The co-working spaces/co-living spaces echo the collaborative spirit of Nagasaki, fostering an environment that transcends mere workspaces or accommodations.

For instance, HafH Nagasaki SAI, which opened in 2019 and is a new hotspot in Nagasaki, includes a Cafe, co-working space, and accommodation. This place has been serving as a hub for a community, connecting locals and people from all over Japan and abroad. It brought new nomadic culture into Nagasaki, creating a fusion of cultures like Nagasaki of old. 

Moving  away from the city center, you can also experience the more relaxed daily life of the countryside in Nagasaki. For those who want to focus on work or take a break from their busy routine, a retreat to the nearby fishing town of Mogi is a great option. 

Stay  at Nagasaki House Burabura, situated by the ocean, overlooking the sea with the silhouette of Mt. Unzen across the bay. Step into a large tatami room that blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern comfort. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the beautiful sea and sky, even with a sunrise or the moon through time. What used to be a traditional Japanese restaurant has been renovated into a space that offers a serene experience for digital nomads seeking not just accommodation but a peaceful haven.

To  make yourself feel more at home, try to mingle with the people of Nagasaki. The locals especially have a strong bond with their community. They are proud of their culture and history and are warm-hearted and welcoming. The language may be a barrier, and they might be shy at first, but once you get to know them, it's like becoming a part of their family. Then, the town will start to feel like your home.

It's  a Nagasaki lifestyle different from the bustle of the city—enjoy strolling through this mixed-culture town, meeting locals and having drinks together at a drinking alley, and being comforted by the blue ocean and the green hills. Taking in the sounds of boats and the scent of the seashore, feeling the sea breeze, and tasting the sea's bounty - Immerse yourself in the everyday life of Nagasaki, using all your senses to enjoy the experience.

In  every corner of Nagasaki, from the modern waterfront city life to the tranquil countryside, there’s a story waiting to be discovered. Let Nagasaki be your digital nomad destination as you embark on a long-term stay in Japan. In this journey, every moment is the exploration of its culture, history, and beauty. 

Nagasaki is calling you. It’s time to make this city your home away from home.


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