Shippoku-ryori (シッポクリョウリ)

Traditional cuisine unique to Nagasaki

Nagasaki City
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Shippoku-ryori begins with the greeting, "Ohire wo nasare (please have some fins)."
After the ohire (soup), a variety of dishes using seasonal ingredients such as sashimi, yubiki, boiled beans, Nagasaki tempura, and pork belly stew are served on a vermilion-lacquered round table.
Each dish is served in a large bowl, and each person around the round table takes a small plate to share.

The "shitsu" in "Shippoku" means table and "hoku" means tablecloth, and is based on the shape of a Chinese table.
It is said that this style of cooking was introduced to Nagasaki about 400 years ago, when Chinese people were living in the city.
Nagasaki, which had contact with Portugal and Holland, added Japanese and Western arrangements to the Chinese cuisine as it passed through the ages.
In this way, "Shippoku-ryori" developed into Nagasaki's own unique Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch cuisine.

Shippoku-ryori is served in a friendly atmosphere around a round table, with no upper or lower seats.
It was a style that was appropriate for Nagasaki, where people from many different countries and cities gathered.
It is also the most typical Nagasaki local cuisine, as it uses a variety of local ingredients from the four seasons.


Address 長崎県長崎市 


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