Sakyobana (さきょうばな)

A scenic spot created by the cliff

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This extremely steep rising cliff runs for about one kilometer. The view of the waves hitting the cliff and the horizon are stunning. There are rocks like a series of thin pillars protruding out from the ocean here. It is said that these rocks are one of eight pillars built to prevent the island from being washed away when Iki-no-shima was created by the gods. It is also a place where you can catch lots of turban shells  and other marine products. Maybe you will see an ama (female fisherman) free diving here?

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Address 811-5326 長崎県壱岐市芦辺町諸吉本村触1512番地
TEL 0920-48-1130(Iki City Tourism Division)
Parking Parking lot available
Access Approx. 15 minutes by car from Ashibe Port
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A legend about Sakyōbana goes that long ago, local villagers were suffering from a terrible drought, so a ritual for rain was conducted by 2 men – one named Gotō Sakyō, who was an onmyōji who specialized in magic and divination at the time, and a Buddhist priest by the name of Chūbō Oshō. They staked their own lives to carry out this ritual for many days, but in the end, heavy rains came and the villagers were saved. It is said that the name Sakyōbana is derived from the onmyōji diviner, Gotō Sakyō.

During sea urchin season, a traditional kind of fishing is carried out at this peninsula by female divers called ama. Other marine delicacies such as molllusks called sazae, or the horned turban, are also very abundant in number here, but the ama fisherwomen dive dressed in leotards to avoid overharvesting from diving for too long at a time.
Sea urchins, called uni in Japan, have spiky shells that are cracked open using a tool that looks like a pair of large laundry clips, which are said to be an invention of the island. Don't miss out on savoring this Iki specialty.



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