Fishing on a Boat Experience (リョウシトイクフナヅリタイケン)

Let‘s catch seasonal fish with the captain!

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Activities on Iki Island
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By the guidance and instruction of the captain, come catch some seasonal fish in the Iki Island sea near the shore. Experience authentic fishing on a boat without having to prepare anything!


Address 811-5151 長崎県壱岐市郷ノ浦町渡良浦
TEL 0920-47-3700(※原則として、インターネットによる受付といたします。壱岐市観光連盟)
Contact Iki City Tourism Federation
0920-47-3700 (Reservation reception desk) weekdays 8:30-17:15
Note Acceptance conditions: Translation app is used
Location Indoji Port coast, Ishida-cho
Dates All year (from Monday to Friday)
Meeting time 180 minutes ※It usually starts at 14:00, but please contact us if there is a
specific time you want
Price 13,200 yen/person
Reservation deadline 3 days before
Minimum number of participants Minimum of 3 - maximum of 6 (children cannot apply alone)
Note Cancellation fee : Day before the scheduled event: 50% Day of: 100%
※This is cancellation for self-convenience of applicant excluding cancellation by organizer caused by bad weather
At the time of rainy weather : Depends on judgment of sponsor in regards to bad weather such as typhoon or marine stormy weather
What to bring : Mobile clothes, drinking water
Reservation Leader: Iki Island Sandy Beach Society


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