Sukuiishi(Mendake Shrine’s goshintai ) (すくいいし)

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This boulder is Mendake Shrine’s goshintai (the shrine's object of worship), and it is located a short distance away from the shrine pavilion. It has been attracting attention recently as a place where the energy of the earth can be experienced, known as a “power spot” in Japan, because the magnetism of the rock disrupts the needle of the compass.
In the Japanese language, sukuu is the term for how birds build and live in nests. It is said that this rock was so named because storks once nested on top of it, and since storks are said to bring babies, some visitors come here to pray to be blessed with children.
Many people have begun to come to see this rock in recent years, not only because it is the goshintai, which is the shrine's object of worship, but also because it is believed to be what is called a “power spot” in Japanese, where the energy of the earth can be experienced.

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Address 811-5465 長崎県壱岐市芦辺町箱崎釘ノ尾触101
Access 20 minutes by car from Ashibe Port


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